Growler care

  1. After you have finished drinking, immediately wash out the growler by filling it approximately halfway with hot tap water (don’t add soap!), capping it, and shaking vigorously. Repeat 2 more times (3 total).*
  2. Dry it upside down on a dish rack, with the cap off.
  3. While storing your growler, always keep the cap off. It’s better to let dust get in (your beertender should rinse out your growler before filling it anyway) than to let mildew and mold take hold.

* For those who are curious: 3 total rinses isn’t an arbitrary number, but is actually used in labs (I happen to work in a lab). The theory is that if you do a shit job of rinsing and leave 10% residue after each wash, you will still only have 0.1% residue after 3 rinses (10% × 10% × 10% = 0.1%).